Frequently Asked Questions

XFi boats offer superior quality with unprecedented value. From time to time, we are asked questions relating to the boats building and its features. Please find below a list of our frequently asked questions. Should you have a question not expressed below, please feel free to contact the sales team on (03) 8720 0988 for further assistance.

Q: Do you offer Stage 2 boats?

A: We do not offer Stage 1 or Stage 2 boats as we like to preserve the integrity of our finished product. Our boats have been designed and manufactured with the highest expectations and quality to protect our XFi name from inferior substituted products. This also ensures confidence that when you buy an XFi boat, you will have consistency with other XFi boats on the water.

Q: Why do you use an all fibreglass construction?

A: When we construct our boats, we use fibreglass in every possible situation. Fibreglass will never rot, like timber can. This also means that the boat is built from the same materials, providing strength and lowering internal stress. The leading boat manufacturers in America have been using this technology for over 10 years with great success.

Q: What fuel consumption would I expect from my XFi boat?

A: In any case, fuel consumption will vary depending on use. On an average our customers and our tests report that our boats use about 14 litres per hour.

Q: How well do your boats turn in the water?

A: Our boats offer great turning manoeuvrability. The design of our hull provides sure footed turning enabling sharp and direct change of direction. Our customers are commonly over satisfied with the performance the XFi boat range offers.

Q: How fast can I expect the XFi boats to go?

A: On average our boats will travel 50mph at top speed. It all depends on the engine choice.

Q: What warranties do you offer with the XFi boat range?

A: XFi boats are back by some of the best warranties in the industry. This ensures confidence in the product you are buying. Our MerCruiser engines are backed by a 3 year warranty, our hulls have a lifetime warranty for the first owner and our interiors are guaranteed. Additionally, all other components in the boat such as the stereos and code entry products are backed by the standard manufacturer's warranty.

Q: What sort of post sale service do your dealers provide?

A: At XFi we have selected our dealers through an extensive process which included professionalism, knowledge, support and service.

If you have any further questions, please contact your nearest XFi Dealer.