Australian Waterski Magazine SEP/OCT 2009 - AURORA V review

Melbourne based XFi have long provided the boat buying market with an exceptional product, from their hulls, to their trims, their fittings and the overall sensation once you're actually in the drivers seat. After a number of years building pure, traditional ski boats, the powers to be at XFi decided it was time to go a little out of the box and offer something new, different and innovative to the customer. Enter the XFi AURORA V. It's an all new V-drive bow rider model. The V-drive allows the boat to adapt a different interior layout making it more spacious and user friendly for bigger families, especially with the bow rider added. The overall shape and contours of the boat are aesthetically pleasing, and also play a huge hand in the boats overall performance. For many of us tow boats should be fun, not just a tool for towing kids up and down the river, and the Aurora V delivers the goods.


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Over the past two years, XFi boats have certainly made their presence felt on Australian waterways. Boat-sales are skyrocketing and the company has built a reputation to exceed customer expectations every time.

Their stand at the Melbourne Boat Show was flat-out over the five days, with many boat-buyers keen to check out their latest models and designs.

We got a sneak preview a few weeks before the Boat Show, when they brought their three current models down to the National Watersports Centre in Carrum for a run. It was freezing cold, but luckily we managed to get a glimpse of sunshine for some photos, before the heavens opened up later in the day.

All three models were zippy and a lot of fun. The Genesis, their top-of-the-line model, was luxurious and comfortable – the Mercedes of the group. Next in line was the Renegade, the sports-car model, followed by the Illusion, which was more like a family car.

All three boasted an excellent finish, with top-quality craftsmanship. XFi pride themselves on consistently producing top-quality family boats at a reasonable price and this claim was certainly upheld on the day.


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While the XFi name has only been around for the past 12 months, the manufacturers have been in the boating industry for a long time. Under the name of Sleekline and then X Factor, Steve Bull has been building boats for years. His latest label, XFi, is guaranteed to cater for people in the market for a family waterski boat at a reasonable price.

We caught up with Steve and Craig from XFi at the National Watersports Centre at Carrum, just outside Melbourne , in early March for a ski and test-drive. They brought along their two current models - Genesis and Renegade - and we were impressed with them both. If it weren't for the threat of rain and the chilly 17 degrees, we could have skied behind either boat all day.

The Genesis is the top model, and was certainly well presented on the day. The dark green metal flake and the black and silver graphics looked pleasing to the eye and the hull sat nicely in the water. The test boat was fitted with the Mercruiser 350 MAG MPI 315hp.