Chris and Sue Aulich

We picked up our Renegade 3 weeks ago and have had an absolute ball!! The boat is easy to drive, and we have had nothing but great reviews from passengers and skiers alike! A couple of comments we have received........ "It rides better than anything else we have been in. The pulling power and drive is awesome, it looks great and is smooth as silk." "A perfect all round boat. At slower speeds the wake is almost as good as a far more expensive boats and it flattens the wake at faster speeds for great skiing. Great for boarders and skiers alike" "Best looking boat on the water" Thanks to XFi for one of the best family holidays we have ever had!


Cate Lloyd and Tim McIntyre

We had done our homework on the computer at home before venturing down to the showroom to have a look at the ideal model which we were chasing. When we arrived, the welcome we received was exceptionally good, and we then spent the next 2 hours going through the variety of models they had. Finally we decided to go for the Renegade and have a lot of family fun on our boat since picking it up in January 2004. We highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for an ideal family boat or even for competition.

We sponsor the Aussie wakeboard Champion "Travis Osborne" who has had memorable times behind our boat. Even if you are a family on a budget like we were, the team can give you plenty of ideas to help you make a decision.


Paul and Lisa

As long time dreamers and first time boat buyers, the risk of dipping a toe into unknown waters is always a mix of excitement, fear and trepidation. To find that perfect mix of form and function without compromising the hip pocket for a novice is daunting to say the least First impressions count and on that score, the first interstate visit to their showroom filed us with the confidence that this was no backyard operation and that the attention to details through impeccable planning and a genuine passion for their craft was paramount.


Glenn, Melissa, and family

A note to say how happy we are with our Renegade .We are getting great reports on the boat from all that have seen, ridden in and behind her. Still cant believe how well she turns and handles and how well it handles the chop and the wake is great, took most riders by surprise at just how rampy it is and how much pop you get off it. The service you guys have given us is by far above and beyond all your competitors. You company and your boats couldn't be more highly recommended by me and my family. we wish you all well with your current and future products. you guys have your competitors licked.

Very happy customer...Glenn, Melissa, and family

eXcellent Family investment

M Murray

I'm buying a boat. What do I look for?

First Impressions -

Helpful Staff Knowledge in their product Ability to provide evidence of what they put into the boat materials/products Willingness to help you make a decision

No Pushy Sales Tactics

Now what about the actual Boat - Great looking Product Range to suit all Budgets Lots and Lots of Options

Excellent Quality of Products


Brad and Paula Martin

Dear XFI

I searched for a long time for my new boat and once I talked to Craig I knew I had found my boat. You endured the lengthy phone calls and addressed all my concerns, by far the best customer service I have come across in a long time.

Once I received my Genesis the whole family just loved it and couldn't wait to get it out on the water. It is everything we wanted and more. The finish is brilliant and rides and handles like a dream. Best value for money on the market, We love it.

Brad and Paula Martin

Gary and Pam

Dear Dean, Kim, Craig, Steve, Josh, Andrew, Jess, Lauren, Debbie and Andrew M,

As the proud owners of a new Genesis ski boat we want to thank you for every aspect of the building of our dream boat. Special thanks to Craig.....from day 1 there was never anything which was too much trouble for him to help us. We thought that your practice of introducing us to everyone who was to be involved in building our boat was a terrific touch and was very much appreciated. We've already had the boat out for a day and it preformed beautifully. There was many an envious eye watching us put the boat into the water. Certainly we will not hesitate to recommend your company and your boats to anyone who wants to seek our advice. With special thanks and regards,

Gary and Pam

Belinda and John

Dear XFi, Thankyou for the BEAUTIFUL boat that you put together for us. We couldn't be happier. We have only had our boat since October and already it has brought us much joy and made family time really special as it is a sport we can all share together. My five year old son thinks knee boarding is fantastic and can't wait to go again while my two year old, surprisingly, had a go on the biscuit. A special thanks to Dean, Craig and Dave (who is no longer there) for your customer service.


Don, Cas, Josh and Brandon Cameron

To Dean and all the wonderful staff at XFi,

We would like to say thank you for the magnificent red Illusion that we now proudly own!

As this is the first boat we have ever owned, it was a somewhat scary process to embark upon. After a foray onto the internet looking for inspiration, we had a list of companies that built boats that we had liked the look of and wanted to know more about. XFi interestingly was our first port of call as we were drawn to their style of boat. As such we met Craig at the XFi Showroom.



I was reading the Testimonials on the XFi Boats website the other night.

Without being critical, to me, everybody seems to have missed the most important aspect in their purchase of an XFi boat. Sure, your service is outstanding, and it really is. The quality of your boats is extraordinary; there is no question about that at all. What sets your boats apart from everybody else's is that XFi build a boat with a soul.


Steve Cresswell

Dealing with XFI boats was great when we bought our Renegade in March 2006. The boat was ready early as we were waiting anxiously for it to arrive. They helped us with any questions we had to ask and were great in replying. The boat itself is great. It has a great wake for all preferences such as wakeboarding to bare footing. The ballast is great and there are many great options that you can get.

We haven't had a problem with our boat yet and I doubt there will be one for along time, overall XFI boats and staff are great and helpful, they are great boats to have and good people to deal with.

Regards, Steve Cresswell

Matt Bull

After 18 months of research and looking at ski boats, wake boats and multi role boats such as the Haines Signature BR series, it was a Sunday trip to the 2006 Vic Boat Show that introduced us to a small group called XFI. Tucked away in the back corner, just near the coffee shop - a true marketing strategy, it was the Yellow Renegade with the wake tower that first caught our eye.

From then on in it was only a matter of time till we had decided that we knew which was the right boat for us.