Paul and Lisa

As long time dreamers and first time boat buyers, the risk of dipping a toe into unknown waters is always a mix of excitement, fear and trepidation. To find that perfect mix of form and function without compromising the hip pocket for a novice is daunting to say the least First impressions count and on that score, the first interstate visit to their showroom filed us with the confidence that this was no backyard operation and that the attention to details through impeccable planning and a genuine passion for their craft was paramount.

 These guys believe in their vision and have set goals to a very high standard. We simply were knocked out by the quality of the product without having to compare the price. The features vs. price ratio is outstanding. We know own an excitement machine that is sure to please our family and friends for years to come and we hope that this is just the start of a long association with XFi. We can thoroughly recommend XFi Ski Boats as a MUST SEE, MUST EXPERIENCE and MUST HAVE.