I was reading the Testimonials on the XFi Boats website the other night.

Without being critical, to me, everybody seems to have missed the most important aspect in their purchase of an XFi boat. Sure, your service is outstanding, and it really is. The quality of your boats is extraordinary; there is no question about that at all. What sets your boats apart from everybody else's is that XFi build a boat with a soul.

My boat, Psycho, is not just another ski boat. It has a personality and a character of its own. When you drive through town, people stop and look. When you go to put it in the water, you know everybody around is watching. When you start it ….life begins. You can have a real sh*t of a week, and we all do, but the moment you press RUN then START and it burbles, all is forgotten.

I had an unreal morning on the water today. The water was like glass, the ski's hissed across the water, and the boat was faultless. I cannot say that it cuts and bites and does this and does that better than other boats do, because, in all honesty I really don't know what other people are talking about. All I know is, for me, Psycho is the greatest boat ever built. If I was to win Lotto tomorrow, I could not buy a better day than I had today.

How can you convey that to people, because that is what owning an XFi boat is all about.

Craig, as a…marketing person, keep in mind you are not simply building boats. In most cases you are creating a lifestyle for your customers and their children. Market the lifestyle you can offer to families. Even your top of the line boats are with most peoples budgets and owning an XFi can change lives so much.

Best Wishes and Thanks, Stephen.