Don, Cas, Josh and Brandon Cameron

To Dean and all the wonderful staff at XFi,

We would like to say thank you for the magnificent red Illusion that we now proudly own!

As this is the first boat we have ever owned, it was a somewhat scary process to embark upon. After a foray onto the internet looking for inspiration, we had a list of companies that built boats that we had liked the look of and wanted to know more about. XFi interestingly was our first port of call as we were drawn to their style of boat. As such we met Craig at the XFi Showroom.

 We liked the fact that they use new motors, the 3 year motor warranty and the lifetime hull warranty, the obvious attention to detail and the multitude of options. Not only did Craig tell us much more, but he did so with such genuine enthusiasm for a product that he so obviously believes in. He took us on a tour through the trim shop where the interiors were being made and through the mechanics workshop where boats were in various stages of construction. We particularly respect Craig for encouraging us and all that visits them, to research and compare with other boat builders because he doesn't want anyone to feel disappointed with the boat they buy. It's better to have done the research and to be sure. He even gave us directions to the next company on our list!

Needless to say we ended up back where we began at XFi. Our nerves about ordering a boat quickly dissipated as we were welcomed into what is a genuinely friendly atmosphere with people who are keen to answer questions, find out information and help you in any way they can. Craig and also Andrew from the trim shop were particularly patient with us in our quest to come up with our interior colour scheme from the endless options that are available – our third time lucky hey!! We also kept adding options as we did more and more research into exactly what we wanted in our boat. Nothing was too difficult, including the custom colour for our hull which we were very specific about – its perfect thank you guys!

The open door policy at XFi was awesome throughout the building process. We have photos of the bare hull, the motor being fitted, the trim being stitched, everything before our very as it all went together. We were sure you would be sick of us, but you apparently have high tolerance levels!

Andrew in the retail shop helped to set us up with all the gear we needed and wanted. He was also a delight to talk to and a great source of knowledge when we rang or called in throughout the process.

The icing on the cake was our delivery day. We know how busy you all were prior to Easter, so for Dean and Craig to go to the amount of effort that they did to help organise a birthday surprise was exceptional. Cas's birthday gift was resplendent in a beautiful red bow and happy birthday sign! Your effort is so incredibly appreciated.

We were not sure what to expect in the process of buying our first boat and it turned out to be the most enjoyable and exciting experience. We have rarely missed an opportunity to be out on the water and we think of you all when we are skiing, knee boarding, trying to wakeboard, on the biscuits or just cruising.

To Dean, Craig, Andrew (Trim Shop), Lauren, Jess, Andrew (Retail Shop) Josh and Steve the mechanics and everyone else who assisted the process in any way. We thank you all.

Best Wishes from Don, Cas, Josh and Brandon Cameron.