Belinda and John

Dear XFi, Thankyou for the BEAUTIFUL boat that you put together for us. We couldn't be happier. We have only had our boat since October and already it has brought us much joy and made family time really special as it is a sport we can all share together. My five year old son thinks knee boarding is fantastic and can't wait to go again while my two year old, surprisingly, had a go on the biscuit. A special thanks to Dean, Craig and Dave (who is no longer there) for your customer service.

 You made it seem like we were your only customers with the amount of time that you devoted to us. When we would speak on the phone, it wasn't "the owner of the green genesis". We weren't made to feel like another sale, and since picking up the boat the customer service hasn't stopped. We really appreciate the help you gave us over the xmas break in trying to find a shaft that we had bent when we hit a stump up on the Murray . Even though it was late Saturday afternoon, Craig did everything possible to help us when he could have easily not answered his phone. And Dean showed the same commitment just so we could have our boat up and running so we could ski for the rest of our holiday. Thanks guys. If anyone is thinking of buying a boat come in and look at the XFi boats. They are very thorough in showing you how their boats go together. And there wasn't a single question they didn't know the answer to. There were no hidden costs everything is upfront and these boats come up looking fantastic. We shopped around for awhile and in the end XFi had the complete package. And our boat is beautiful. A very big thanks to all the XFi team.

Belinda and John.