M Murray

I'm buying a boat. What do I look for?

First Impressions -

Helpful Staff Knowledge in their product Ability to provide evidence of what they put into the boat materials/products Willingness to help you make a decision

No Pushy Sales Tactics

Now what about the actual Boat - Great looking Product Range to suit all Budgets Lots and Lots of Options

Excellent Quality of Products

Price -

What can I say - I have a Genesis on order. Prices are, as far as I am concerned, best value for money. Don't waste your time shopping around, I did months of research and XFI beat them hands down. Why pay for a name. It's the quality and performance of the product you are after. No other Ski / Family Boat Manufacturers can boast all of the above: XFI did, and I am one satisfied customer. I am sure the future for them is loads of sales.

And where else can you go down and actually watch your boat go together!

Regards M Murray